Klamath County

Behavioral Health Specialist

Kathleen Rutherford, LCSW

541-883-1030 x2066
530-636-3019 (cell)

Kathleen Rutherford is the Older Adult Behavioral Health Specialist in Klamath County. Kathleen has been working with elders for the past few years. She started with being a social worker for a dialysis center, and then moved on to be a hospice social worker. At present she works through Klamath Basin Behavioral Health in Klamath Falls. She earned her LCSW this past year. She has been trained to provide community and work force education in Mental Health First Aid, WISE and Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care for people living with dementia. Kathleen really loves advocating for older adults and adults with disabilities.

Patricia “Patty” Card, QMHA, PSS


Patty was born and raised in Klamath  County and raised her family there. She has worked at Klamath Basin Behavioral Health for the past 38 years starting as a part-time receptionist/biller when they had 8 staff and 4 clients, and then as the Director of Administration for the past 36 years, helping with the expansion of the agency to now having 270+ staff and 9000+ clients. After the CEO retired, she moved into a Peer Support Coordinator role and now am thrilled to be an Older Adult Behavioral Health Specialist.

County Profile

Klamath County

Klamath County has a higher percentage rural-dwelling population compared to Oregon overall, and a higher percentage of adults age 65+ compared to Oregon.

  • Klamath County has a similar percentage of depression prevalence in adults age 65+ compared to Oregon overall.
  • Klamath County has a higher number of reported poor physical health days compared to Oregon.
  • Klamath County has a similar number of reported poor mental health days compared to Oregon.
  • Klamath County has a higher percentage of householders age 65+ living alone compared to Oregon overall.

Medicare Fact Sheets

  • Total Medicare Beneficiaries: 17,712
  • Medicare Traditional / Fee-for-Service: 13,191
  • Medicare Advantage (MA): 4,521