Lincoln County

Behavioral Health Specialist

Marie Laper, MSW

I am a licensed clinical social worker in both Oregon and Washington, providing older adult behavioral health services in Lincoln County.

My father was a psychiatric nurse in a large state hospital; this is where I learned firsthand about the importance of compassion, respect, and advocacy for people with significant mental health issues. A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, I have worked in Community mental health, hospital and hospice social work, before focusing on older adult health issues. I enjoy helping older become more health literate and their own advocates with health care providers. Additionally, providing consultations to providers and family members is very rewarding. One of the best things about this initiative is that we are allowed the time it takes to get to know a person, their needs, their concerns, as well as their strengths, supports…their stories.

I am a member of the 60-t Center’s (Newport’s Senior Center) Advisory Committee, and Newport’s 2040 Vision Advisory Committee. In August, I was part of the planning committee for Lincoln City’s Longest Day event, a fund raiser for the Alzheimer Association. I was a member of the planning committee for the Annual Attorney General’s/DOJ Conference on Elder Abuse, held in October, 2019.

Among the goals for the OABH initiative in Lincoln County include working with Linn and Benton Counties to develop several regional activities to improve care for older adults, to develop a more formal multi-disciplinary team focused on older adults in Lincoln County, and to organize a conference for professionals on an Older Adult Health topic in the next 12-18 months.

County Profiles

Benton, Lincoln, & Linn Counties

Lincoln County has the highest percentage of adults age 65 and older compared to Benton, Linn, and Oregon overall. Benton County has the lowest percentage of rural-dwelling population compared to Linn and Lincoln counties. It is similar to Oregon overall.

  • Lincoln and Linn counties have a lower ratio of primary and mental health care providers than Oregon overall.
  • Benton County has a higher ratio of primary and mental health care providers than Oregon overall.
  • Lincoln and Linn counties have a higher percentage of severe housing problems compared to Oregon overall. Benton County has a lower percentage compared to the state.

Medicare Fact Sheets

  • Total Medicare Beneficiaries: 16,666
  • Medicare Traditional / Fee-for-Service: 13,301
  • Medicare Advantage (MA): 3,365