Marion County

Behavioral Health Specialist

Patrick Brodigan, BS, QMHP
503-932-6975 (cell)

Patrick Brodigan is a Qualified Mental Health Professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Oregon State University. He has 35 years of continuous work in the mental health field with a focus on adults. For the last 31 years he has worked in multiple mental health positions with Marion County Health & Human Services in Salem Oregon. His Mental Health experience covers; inpatient acute psychiatric care social services, high risk outreach case management, state hospital liaison/transitions, vocational, residential, Trial Visit coordination, LOCUS trainer, behavioral health managed care-UR/UM, CPI Dementia Capable Care Foundation instruction and Mental Health First Aid Instruction.

Before Patrick started work as Marion County’s OABHS in 2016, he worked briefly as the Adult Member Services Coordinator with the Mid Valley Behavioral Care Network. This provided him with direct knowledge of the myriad challenges older adults face as they navigate the health care system. Some of his professional values include; system of care improvement, consumer advocacy, social justice, continuous learning, holistic/whole person health, integrated care, person centered and strength based approach. Patrick lives with his wonderful wife of 37 years in Salem. They have a grown son who is successful in his own career. Patrick brings equilibrium to his life through; bicycle commuting, living simply, cooking, reading books, listening to music, watching old movies with his wife, hiking, fitness and nutrition.

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Marion & Polk Counties

Marion and Polk counties have a similar percentage of adults age 65+ as Oregon overall.

  • Marion and Polk counties have a similar percentage of depression prevalence among adults ages 65+ as Oregon overall.
  • Marion and Polk counties both have a similar percentage of veterans ages 65+ compared to Oregon overall.
  • Marion and Polk counties both have a smaller ratio of primary and mental health care professionals compared to Oregon overall.

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  • Total Medicare Beneficiaries: 65,278
  • Medicare Traditional / Fee-for-Service: 27,324
  • Medicare Advantage (MA): 37,954