Yamhill County

Behavioral Health Specialist

Reed Hedlund, MSW, CSWA


Reed Hedlund, MSW, CSWA is the Older Adult Behavioral Health Specialist for Yamhill County. He was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, but has lived in Oregon since November, 2007. He received his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado, an MSW from Portland State University, as well as, a graduate certificate in Gerontology. Reed focused the early part of his career on medical research. He conducted lab based diabetes research at the VA Medical Center in Denver Colorado for 2 years, and also worked as a clinical research coordinator at The Children’s Hospital, where he studied intra-operative awareness in children for the Anesthesiology department. In November, 2007, Reed moved to Oregon where he began working in behavioral health programs focused on older adults and people with disabilities as an employee of Yamhill County Behavioral Health. Much of this work has been community based.

Reed has held many roles, including skills trainer for Enhanced Care programs (facility, and outreach), and eventually the program coordinator of Enhanced Care Outreach Services (ECOS), and Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR). Reed also served as the primary clinician for clients enrolled in Community Support Services (CSS) programs, as well as, primary therapist for clients enrolled in the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program. During this time, Reed contributed to the grant writing process, which lead to the expansion of ACT services in Yamhill County. Working in community based programs has allowed Reed to develop strong community partnerships, as well as, strong clinical skills and knowledge related to work with older adults and people with disabilities. In June 2015, Reed was hired as the Older Adult Behavioral Health Specialist representing Yamhill County. During this time, Reed has provided numerous trainings to providers across the spectrum of care, as well as, health promotion events to support community knowledge building.

Additionally, Reed works very closely with systems, agencies, and organizations who share the goal of supporting older adults and people with disabilities. The purpose is to promote partnerships, and to foster better collaboration at the community level. Since becoming Yamhill County’s Older Adult Behavioral Health Specialist, Reed has been involved in many projects meant to strengthen the infrastructure of services and resources available to older adults and people with disabilities. He has also provided consultation on hundreds of complex cases. Reed is a champion for community based behavioral health outreach services designed to support community members who experience barriers to success in traditional outpatient models. He has helped strengthen existing outreach behavioral health programs, and contributed to the development of new outreach programs. When not working, Reed is an avid cyclist, and a devoted father and partner, who has a love for adventure, exploration, and travel.

County Profile

Yamhill County

Yamhill County has a similar percent of adults ages 65+ as Oregon overall, and a higher percentage rural-dwelling population compared to Oregon overall.

  • Yamhill County has a higher percent of depression prevalence in adults ages 65+ compared to Oregon overall.
  • Yamhill County has the same percentage of householders age 65+ living alone as Oregon overall.
  • Yamhill County has the same percentage of alcohol abuse prevalence in adults age 65+ as Oregon
  • Yamhill County a lower ratio of primary and mental health care providers compared to Oregon overall.

Medicare Fact Sheets

  • Total Medicare Beneficiaries: 21,535
  • Medicare Traditional / Fee-for-Service: 10,657
  • Medicare Advantage (MA): 10,878