Other Programs

Learn about other programs around Oregon that support the behavioral health of older adults and people with disabilities.

Nursing Facility Behavioral Health ECHO Program

The Nursing Facility Behavioral Health ECHO Program cohort 1 was a 24-session group telementoring program designed to improve the knowledge, confidence, and skills of nursing facility staff so they can better recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health issues, support appropriate use of medications, and deliver psychosocial and behavioral support interventions for nursing facility residents with mental health conditions or concerns.

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PASRR (Pre-admission Screening and Resident Review) is a federal requirement to evaluate all individuals who will be admitted to a Medicare/Medicaid certified nursing facilities, regardless of payment source, for indicators of serious mental illness (SMI) or intellectual disability.

PASRR is in place to help ensure that individuals are not inappropriate placed in nursing homes for long term care.

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