To support increased collaboration and coordination among the agencies that serve older adults and adults with disabilities the Behavioral Health Initiative for Older Adults and People with Physical Disabilities (Behavioral Health Initiative) has created Inforgraphics & Reports, Training Modules, and County Profiles.

Infographics & Factsheets

Below are some of the infographics and factsheets that have been developed by the Behavioral Health Initiative.

What is the Behavioral Health Initiative?

This factsheet describes the Behavioral Health Initiative and services provided by the Behavioral Health Specialists.

Metrics and Activities for Collaboration and Coordination

This factsheet describes metrics and activities to improve cross-sector collaboration with key community partners. This is intended for the OABHS but may be useful for other aging and BH professionals.

Recommendations from the Evaluation

Recommendations for policymakers and other decision-makers based on findings from the evaluation of the Initiative

Expanding Behavioral Health Services through Medicare

This factsheet is for behavioral health and aging professionals, and provides information about how behavioral health services can be delivered under Medicare.

The Interface Between Serious Mental Illness & Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults

This factsheet describes the cognitive and behavioral trajectories of three types of SMI and aids clinicians and other behavioral health professionals in differentiating between symptoms associated with dementia and cognitive decline in these three SMIs.

Training Modules

To help ensure the health, safety, and independence of older adults and people with disabilities, the Initiative has produced training modules. There are eight training modules for Behavioral Health Specialists for Older Adults and People with Disabilities to use for aging and behavioral health professional workforce development, five training modules for primary care providers, and two training modules for community audiences.

Modules For Aging Services & Behavioral Health Service Providers

Eight training modules for Behavioral Health Specialists to use for aging and behavioral health professional workforce development.

8 Modules

Modules for Community Awareness & Education

These three modules are designed to provide general information, facts, and sample reflection/discussion questions about anxiety, alcohol, and social isolation in older adults.

3 Modules

Modules for Primary Care Providers

Primary care clinics are on the front lines of optimal mental health care and integration. These five training modules are intended for primary care providers

5 Modules

Modules on Aging Services and Supports for People Living with Dementia - ADRC Dementia Training

The two web-based trainings cover bipolar disorders, dementia, and delirium; and schizophrenia and dementia.

2 Modules

County Profiles

Download the County Profile for each service area to learn about their population, and the older adult behavioral health needs in those service areas compared to Oregon overall.